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Thursday, December 3, 2015
Why Is Cloud Computing So Popular? Why has "cloud computing" become so popular?  There are several reasons businesses are moving their content to the cloud instead of maintaining on-site servers.  This trend is predicted to continue, with experts stating that in the next ten years, the majority of businesses will be focused on cloud computing rather than in-house maintenance of server space.

Why The Cloud?

There are three essential reasons businesses move to cloud-based computing:  first, the companies realize they must change the way they are handling technology in order to stay current and competitive; second, their existing IT infrastructure is too old to allow for serious upgrades; and third, the budget they have for upgrading is small. When businesses decide to upgrade their technology, they often begin at the user level.  However, it soon becomes apparent that simply buying everyone new computers is not going to solve the company's problems.  Today's businesses must be able to store and access information differently than in the past.  Workers need the ability to recover large amounts of data quickly and from many different locations, including while doing remote work in the field. Once a company realizes this fact, they usually begin considering in-house upgrades.  However, sticker shock quickly hits when they realize what it will cost to upgrade to servers capable of handling the lightning-fast, bandwidth-hogging programs that their business needs.  Almost inevitably, business owners will turn to cloud computing as an alternative. One of the biggest advantages of having a cloud-based delivery system for storage and software is that it is someone else's problem.  Companies do not have to hire IT professionals to set up the system, maintain it and secure it against hacking.  In fact, far from being more vulnerable, cloud-based systems have a better track record when it comes to resistance to unauthorized data breaches.

Can I Harness the Power of the Cloud for My Company?

The hardest part of cloud computing is usually the transition from a site-based system.  When you hire C3IT to help you, this job becomes much easier.  You can quickly utilize the power of the cloud to run your business without the headache of making the leap from one system to another.  C3IT's professionals will handle every aspect of your migration and help you choose the right system to meet your business's particular needs.  Call today for a review of your system and recommendations for moving to the cloud.

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