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Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Windows 10 Is a Big Hit

Microsoft 8 was not a popular upgrade to the almost universal system, so it is good to know that Windows 10 is receiving rave reviews from the people who really matter: those who use the system on a regular basis.

Complaints quickly piled up when Windows 8 was introduced, many of which summarized the changes as "intentionally difficult or obscure." Simple actions, like how to turn the computer off, were difficult to find, and the new charm-based action system was not popular with many users.

What caused the shift at Windows from focusing on new technological advances to focusing on what users say they actually want to use is unclear. Whatever the reason, people wanted a Windows version that "just works," and it seems the company has hit the jackpot with Windows 10.

What's Great About Windows 10?

Most early adopters of Windows 10 have determined that this OS is the best release so far. Windows 10 brings back many options that users of earlier versions were familiar with and liked, such as the Start menu that allows users to easily drag and drop icons, resize and operate just like the Start button.

The workflow also makes sense with Windows 10 in a way that it did not for many Windows 8 users. Even more important, the user experience for two-in-ones, one of the biggest sellers in new computer products. Windows 10 uses a program called Continuum to switch between laptop and tablet mode and allows for a full-screen tablet interface which can be hidden when the device is used as a laptop.

The new Action Center makes it easy to disable Bluetooth, configure a VPN connection and find a Wi-Fi network. It also allows users to add OneNote and even disable notifications during "Quiet Hours."

With all the changes for Windows 10, it is important for users to understand what they can get out of the new system. At C3IT, we help businesses and individuals find the right apps, programs, software and operating systems for their particular needs. If you are considering moving your company over to Windows 10, SharePoint or another program, or making any other substantial computing changes, give us a call. We will help you find the right way to manage the migration and ensure that your employees understand the right ways to implement and use these new programs.

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