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Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Windows 10 Jettisons Unnecessary Features

For decades, Microsoft has been known as the company that encourages consumers to opt out of unnecessary add-ons, middleware and upgrades rather than opting in. The company's approach was quite different from competitors like Google and Apple, who often hide their complexities within interfaces that are considered incredibly user-friendly but may hide a number of add-on programs and plug-ins. Now, with Microsoft’s release of Windows 10, the company is doing away with many features deemed unnecessary by consumers, including the majority of touch options and full-screen apps.

On top of that, upgrading to Windows 10 has become easier than most previous upgrades. Those upgrading from Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will see improvements, optimizations and beneficial changes of all kinds immediately. The company has made one thing clear – their future business model is based on data. The company is putting itself in a position to take on competitors such as Google in areas such as searching, storing and displaying data. While Google may still have a monopoly on searching the Internet for now, utilizing searching within the desktop in both personal and professional environments is another story entirely, and one which Microsoft is prepared to address.

Microsoft reaches approximately 150 million users, the majority of whom are web users. It will not be hard for the company to build from this base using services such as Outlook, Excel, OneNote, Word and SharePoint as ways of advertising to consumers, something Google still relies upon the Internet to do. With all the information Microsoft will be able to collect through its desktop applications alone, it could become better at organizing and personalizing information for its users than Google.

Cortana is also set to make waves as Microsoft’s incredibly user-friendly and helpful digital assistant. An answer to Google’s Now and Apple’s Siri, Cortana has been implemented as the consumer's virtual concierge, found in the epicenter of the OS itself. It also seems to be more useful than Google Now, which, even though it can be used on desktops, is extremely limited due to Google’s fragmented Android ecosystem and its small reach on user’s desktops. While Cortana may not become a popular mobile application, it is an instant threat due to Windows’ incredible dominance amongst desktops.

With so many changes being implemented by Microsoft in the next year, including the recent release of Windows 10 and next year’s release of SharePoint Server 2016, you may need help navigating the new configurations. Let the IT experts at C3iT ensure your business's IT infrastructure stays intact through it all. C3iT, which offers services including CRM Online, SharePoint Services, Managed Services, Custom Applications and more, is here to focus on your company’s IT needs so you can focus on your company’s growth.

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