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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Windows 10 Releases New Devices Video
In keeping with the momentum of its super-successful platform update launch, Microsoft has released a video outlining new devices available that use Windows 10.  The video, which documents a webcast featuring Terry Myerson of Microsoft, gives an overview of many incredible Windows 10-based innovations, including:  
  • Surface Book. Microsoft's popular laptop with detachable screen offers the best of both traditional laptop computers and tablets, with the versatility of both pen and touch entry methods as well as a keyboard.
  • Surface Pro 4. The thinner, lighter tablet that can replace a laptop is now faster and more convenient thanks to Windows 10.
  • New Lumia Phones. The new Lumia 950 and 950XL combine the power of Windows 10 with top-of-the-line hardware for an incredible user experience.  For affordability, there is also the Lumia 550 option.
  • Microsoft Band 2. Microsoft helps users live healthier, more active lives with its band, featuring a new curved screen, barometer and various apps for active sports such as running, biking, golf and gym workouts as well as email and text.
  • Microsoft HoloLens. Now in development, this product is designed to bring holograms into the real world.
  • Xbox One. A new update will bring Windows 10 to Xbox One.  This means that the popular game system will soon feature backward compatibility, new bundles and the most advanced controller that has ever been made for Xbox One.

Great Variety in Windows 10 Devices

The exciting success of Windows 10 has prompted retail device partners to build and sell more devices than ever before in the history of the platform.  Companies who have launched or are considering launching new devices include Panasonic, Acer, LG, Dell, Fujitsu, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and others. One of the greatest things about new Windows 10 devices is the range of product types and price points.  Unlike some other platforms, Windows has always been about great user experiences for everyone.  Because Windows partners with so many companies to produce these devices, there are products available in every price range, making it easy for anyone to find an affordable alternative that includes Windows 10. If you are considering a switch to Windows 10 and need advice on how to stock your company with compatible devices, or if you simply want to convert your existing hardware to a Windows 10 system, contact C3IT today.  We can help you make informed decisions about updating your software.    

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