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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
WordPress Security
Businesses both large and small are susceptible to hacks. Whether your business has five employees or 15,000 employees, there are an unlimited amount of threats in the form of hackers trying to get into your systems. Earlier this month, found itself a victim of spam pages and links within its website. Zdnet reported the attack most likely occurred through an outdated version of WordPress. The Microsoft site’s vulnerability to an attack should serve as a fresh reminder to all of us that there are an alarming number of hackers out there who want to take advantage of any digital weakness. When was the last time you went through your company’s WordPress themes and plugins? Have you ever examined and deleted plugins you did not need? What about all the themes you uploaded when you thought about redesigning your site? A large number of the hacks and exploits happening to WordPress are due to having outdated plugins and themes. Regardless of whether or not they are disabled, when themes are not updated and sit dormant on your WordPress site, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to an attack. Any themes that are outdated or realistically never going to be used should always be removed. Plugins are another vulnerability when they are outdated and unsupported. Plugins which are outdated and are not maintained are an easy way to exploit WordPress sites. Chances are, the functionality of a plugin that is no longer being supported is not worth risking your site’s security. There are currently more than 38,000 plugins available through, which means there is most likely a current version of your outdated plugin that is regularly updated and maintained and is available to serve a similar purpose. Something else often overlooked is the core WordPress software itself. It is not just plugins and themes that require updating, which is why WordPress is constantly releasing new versions with various updates. Applying these updates means you are applying bug patches, security fixes and other improvements, but most importantly it means you are enhancing your own website’s security.

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